Running update: 5 months on

So if anyone read my first running blog (I hope there was a couple) I thought I would do a Running update: 5 months on.

I have actually continued with my running, which surprises me more than you – believe me. To make it an easy read I’ll just repeat what I did in my first blog and do 10 things I have learnt since then.

  1. One of the hardest things to do is get out of the door, which is commonly said and I concur. In my head, I am often talking myself out of it before I have even started. I think this is why people say it challenges you mentally as well as physically.
  2. I regularly run 5k now but I still find it hard from about 1 minute after I start and from then onwards it’s a constant battle with one part of my brain telling me that I really can’t go on, and the other side telling me that I have done this distance before and I haven’t died (I often feel like I am) and to carry on until the end otherwise I will be disappointed in myself.
  3. My recovery is much quicker than it used to be, I don’t take 15 minutes to be able to gain the strength to have a shower anymore.
  4. I have had a few niggles with my knee. At the beginning, it would often swell and then go down on my rest day but now it’s not as often and when it does niggle it doesn’t seem to last too long.
  5. I have lost about 2 stone over 5 months, which when you think how many weeks of hard slog it has been, it’s not much of a loss. In previous diet/exercise attempts I would have been disappointed. I have had to change my mindset (which is still very much a work in progress) to a long-term approach. If I have had a binge then previously I would have binned off the run the next day as in my head I thought ‘what’s the point?’ and then probably continued the binge and so it goes on. As I type this I have had quite an abnormally big dinner with afters (well it is the school holidays!) but I am going to make sure I put my running gear near the door and do my 5k tomorrow morning whatever.
  6. I normally run with my hubbie who is a strong runner (he keeps me company-doesn’t break a sweat which is quite annoying) but he has an injury, which has resulted in him having to lay off running so I had to force myself out of the door on my own. Now I work in a school and often say to the children its ok to be nervous about doing something new but not to let it hold you back so I had to listen to my own words and do it. Once I started I was too knackered to worry about who was looking at me, and when I had finished the 5k I actually threw my arms up in delight (much to the amusement of a British Gas man sitting in his van I think he thought-crazy, sweaty woman!).
  7. Update on the running tops, and as a result of an old school friend commenting on Facebook I purchased men’s large Slazenger vests, which thankfully are long enough for me
  8. Update on the lady pad situation I don’t seem to have that problem as much as before although it can still occur on runs later in the day, not enough to make me quit though.
  9. It’s still the hardest thing I have ever done but it’s still the after part which makes me continue. A warm smugness helps me through a run day especially if I have done it early in the morning.
  10. I ran my first 10k off road recently and received a nice medal and I couldn’t believe how nice the running community is. Lots of ladies running like me all different shapes, sizes, ages and speeds but when someone goes pass they will say keep going etc. For me it will never be about racing anyone else other than myself- proving to myself that I can do it! I love the phrase myracemypace.

Anyone else started a new exercise? How is it going?



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5 Replies to “Running update: 5 months on”

  1. I bet you feel better though, its not just about the weight on the scales I bet you have toned up and feel healthier. Well done, I have zero motivation to exercise even though I do want to.

    1. Absolutely! Feel so good afterwards, and yes you are right about toning up as I can start to see my body actually changing shape now…. finally!! I’m sure you will find your motivation soon, (it took me 40 years) 🙂 xx

  2. Wow 2 stone is amazing! We’ll done on the 10k as well. That truly does deserve a medal. I started doing couch to 5k around 5 months ago too and by May I was running 5k 3 x a week. I’m with you – it wiped me out every single time, but you just have to keep doing it don’t you. I’ve had to stop running for medical reasons for now but hope to be signed back off as fit to return in another month or so. It’ll back to week one of C2k5 I think but I know I can do it now at least! We’ll done lovely. You should be so proud of how far you’ve come. Dx

    1. Thank you hun, I hope you make a full recovery and can get out again, it wont be long before you pick up where you left off as i’ve realised by taking small steps you can soon build up your level of fitness over time. Hope you can get your running shoes on soon xx

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