I am Getting Married

I thought I had at least 6 months to prepare for my wedding day but it turns out I only have 8 weeks left until I am getting married!

I have no idea where the time has gone, but with 2 children I suppose it just flies by, and the day will be here before I know it.

‘I am getting married’ is not a phrase I thought I would ever be saying a few years ago.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind for me, as I met my partner when I was 32 years old and 6 years and 2 children later I am getting married.

Spending most of my adult life being ‘The Single One’, my friends told me that when it happens it will all come at once, and they were right.

I am not an overly soppy or romantic person but I thought as I am getting married I would take a break from moaning about my other half and the annoying little things he can do that irritate me and instead list some of the reasons why I fell in love with him and want to be his wife.

I don’t tend to tell people why I like/love them, it’s not something that I really think about, but I suppose I should really take time out to tell the people around me why they are special to me, so maybe this will inspire me to tell my family, friends and those closest to me all the things I love about them.

For my Husband to be, ‘I want to couple up with this Boy because…’

  1. I knew I was starting to fall in love with you when I fell over at an Adult Roller-skate Disco (don’t ask) and I thought I had broken my arm. Normally when I am frightened or in pain the first person I want to speak to and see is my mum. However this time it was you, you were the first person I thought of and the first person I wanted to speak to and be with.
  2. Being a woman I think it is fair to say I spent a lot of time in my youth worrying about my outward appearance, especially the dreaded spots. I wasted far too many hours on self-loathing. When we were laying in bed one morning and I was moaning about a big spot coming up on my face, you flippantly said ‘I don’t care about a spot, I am past that stage and nothing can stop me loving you for the person that you are’. It was a throw away comment and the conversation carried on but inside my heart literally skipped a beat knowing that you loved me and that you loved me for who I was.
  3. You have taught me so many ‘grown up’ things. Who knew you should button up the duvet cover before you wash it? I’d spent years cursing about all my clothes ending up inside the cover at the bottom of the washing machine and you blew my mind with your washing wisdom. Not only do you do laundry, you cook, you clean, you tidy and we work together as a team and I love that about you.
  4. I struggled with the baby stage when we had our children, we both did. The sleep deprivation and the endless screaming affected us both, (I even wrote a book about it all Rattles & Battles) but boy did you step up to the role of father! You would be there taking the early shift as soon as you got home from a long day at work just so I could get a few hours sleep. Rocking a screaming baby on and off until midnight when we would swap. You never complained, you never moaned you were just there for me when I needed you most and although we were pushed apart by our new-born we were held together with that bond of togetherness so we easily found our way back to each other once the baby storm had passed.
  5. Watching you be the father you are to our children is something I could never have hoped or imagined when we first met as random strangers. Our children absolutely adore you as you do them and it puts a smile on my face everyday watching you with them. I could not have asked for a more doting, loyal, fun-loving daddy to raise my children with and sometimes I truly feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world.

So yes I am getting married in 8 weeks and although my ‘husband to be’ does on occasion (cough) do things that can annoy me, (as no doubt I do him) I truly know I am marrying my Mr Right.

P.S You are 100% my type on paper, and no I won’t say in the ceremony ‘The reason I want to couple up with this Boy is because…’ (If you didn’t watch Love Island please skip this part)

P.P.S I give it approximately 3 weeks after the wedding until the ‘All the things my husband does that annoys me blog’ goes live.

Do you have any wedding stories or tips you would like to share? What do you love most about your partner?



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4 Replies to “I am Getting Married”

  1. I love this ❤️…..but now I expect a blog that explains why you love your bestie

    And omg I cannot believe I didn’t ever think to do up the duvet cover!!!

  2. Lovely tribute and useful to get it down now for when the first post-marital argument happens. We don’t meet perfect partners but we can meet the perfect match for us and sounds like you have and later in life as I did. Marriage feels very different but in a good way – enjoy the wedding and the years to come

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